Address:Room No. 8 on the 11th floor, Block 6, Phase II, Wanda Plaza, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone


Wuhan Hege Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by China Regent and American AIDP. It was registered in Wuhan in 2004 and is a manufacturer with complex collagen (Collagen II) national invention patent technology and large-scale production capacity.
       Chinese investor - China Regent
       Founded in 1995, it is located in Hubei, China. It has been engaged in the research of bioengineering. It has a specialized and large-scale composite collagen (Collagen II) and chondroitin sulfate production line. It is the world's two manufacturers of collagen (Collagen II) raw materials. One! The products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, and Taiwan, France Pierre Faber Pharmaceutical Company, American GNC Company, AIDP Company, COSTCO Company, WALT MART (Wal-Mart) Companies, VITAMIN WORLD, SAMS CLUB, Singapore ALL LINK MEDICAL HEALTH PRODUCTS PTE LTD, Taiwan WEDAR (Wanda International Co., Ltd.) and other hundreds of world-renowned companies, widely used in health food, medicine Health care products, daily chemicals and other fields.
       US investor - American AIDP
AIDP, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a world-renowned health food company. The chairman of the board of directors is Chinese. In order to serve the motherland, a large number of Chinese excellent products have been introduced into the North American market. It has become an important window for China's industry exports. It has donated many Hope Primary Schools in mainland China and has been respected and loved by a large number of insiders.
      Based on Regent's mastery of Collagen II technology, AIDP has the advanced health concept of the United States and the good reputation of European and American customers with Collagen II. Regent and AIDP jointly invested in Wuhan Hege Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The composite collagen (Collagen II) is put into the Chinese market to serve the Chinese people.